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How To Keep Your Unoccupied Property Secure

There are a few common reasons why you might have unoccupied property. For homeowners, a very common reason is going for an extended break of a month or more.

Another reason your property might be unoccupied is if you’re having your home renovated. Landlords often have unoccupied property when they’re looking for new tenants.

Whatever the case, if you have unoccupied property then you want to take the right precautions to keep it safe to prevent the risk of burglary and vandalism. Below are some of the best ways to do this.

Get unoccupied property insurance

In most cases, if your home is unoccupied for a period longer than 30 days then your home insurance policy will no longer cover you. This is why you need to get unoccupied property insurance.

Although unoccupied property insurance won’t necessarily make your home more secure, it will ensure that if your house is broken into or vandalised then you’ll be covered for any stolen items or damage.

When taking out unoccupied property insurance, it’s important that you get the right cover for the type of property you own. For example if you have a thatched roof property then you’ll need to get a special thatched roof insurance policy. You can get thatched insurance from very easily.

Hire a house sitter

An excellent but somewhat costly way to keep your unoccupied property secure is by hiring a house sitter. Hiring a house sitter for your unoccupied property will certainly help to reduce the risk of theft and vandalism considerably.

Leave at least one light on

Another great way to make your property more secure when it’s unoccupied is to leave a light on. This helps to create the impression that somebody is inside the property.

If you’re worried about running up your electricity bill then you can get automatic switchers that will turn the lights on/off when you specify.

Make sure windows/doors can’t be seen through

Burglars will often look through the windows and doors of a property to see if there’s anything valuable worth taking before they break in. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to have net curtains or bifold door blinds for doors to prevent people looking inside your home. Perfect fit blinds in the UK are easy to find and affordable too.

Have a friend or neighbour check on your property

One way you can give yourself more peace of mind while you’re away is to give a key to your property to somebody you trust. That way they can check on your house every so often.… More