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Do Convicted Drivers Pay More for Car Insurance?

Paying for car insurance is something that most people would rather not do. It can seem like an unnecessary expense, especially if you’ve never had to make a claim.

However the cost of car insurance is based on a number of factors and one of the biggest things that can increase the cost of cover is having a criminal conviction.

There are many types of common driving convictions in the UK, with the most common by far being speeding. If you do get convicted of speeding then you can expect the cost of your car insurance to increase. The reason for this is that insurance providers consider people who have a conviction to be a greater risk.

Other things that affect the cost of a car insurance policy include –

  • Your age – Age is always an important factor with insurance providers when it comes to cost. Younger people generally pay considerably more than drivers over 30 since they’re more likely to be involved in accidents where a claim is made.
  • Where you park your car – Where you park your car is another important factor when it comes to cost. Having a secure garage to park in would be ideal and lower the cost of your insurance considerably compared to parking on the street.
  • How much your car is worth – The total value of your car is one of the biggest things that will affect how much you pay. A modestly priced car that’s worth £1,000 say will cost considerably less to insure compared to a car that’s worth several thousand.
  • Other named drivers on the policy – Adding other drivers to the policy can increase it’s price quite a bit too. How much extra you pay will depend on the person you want to add. For example a person with a lot of driving experience, who is over 30 and has no convictions will cost less to insure than a young driver with little-to-no experience.
  • The level of cover you take out – The level of cover you take out is another big factor that will affect how much you pay. If you want to save money then a third party policy would be the best option.

Are there convicted drivers insurance specialist providers?

Yes. Luckily there are sites where you can get quotes from specialist providers of convicted drivers insurance (including drug driving insurance). Conviction Insure is one such site and enables you to get quotes from many providers simply by filling out one quote form.… More